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What are the applications of diesel made from waste oil?

In recent years, a kind of refined diesel has become the most popular alternative to fossil fuels. This renewable refinery fuel is made from waste oil(such as waste tire/plastic pyrolysis oil & waste motor/engine/lube oil), it can offer a variety of applications in various fields. In this article, we will explore the many applications of diesel fuel made from waste oil and the waste oil refining equipment.

waste oil refining equipmentDOING waste oil refining equipment

1. Agriculture:

One of the primary applications of diesel made from waste oil is in agriculture. Diesel engines in trucks and trailers can be powered by this eco-friendly fuel. Which are commonly used in agricultural sites and consume a huge amount of diesel. The application of this refined diesel instead of standard diesel can greatly save fuel costs.

2. Industrial Machinery:

Industrial machinery, including generators, pumps, and construction equipment, often relies on this refined diesel fuel. Its calorific value is almost equivalent to that of standard diesel. It can be applied to engines with speeds below 2000rpm, can be used on various industrial machinery or sold as industrial fuel, which can save a significant amount of operating costs and even generate profits from it.

The applications of refined diesel The applications of refined diesel made from waste oil

3. Transportation:

The refined diesel made from waste oil can be used as light diesel for heavy-duty machinery and ships. For heavy machinery and ships, especially ships, the daily consumption of diesel is almost a few tons. If refined diesel can replace standard diesel, it will be of great benefit to shipping companies and our society's current stock of non renewable resources.

4. Power Generation:

Diesel generators are widely used as backup power sources or in off-grid areas with limited access to electricity. Refined diesel can be utilized as a sustainable fuel option for these generators. By choosing this renewable alternative, power generation becomes more environmentally friendly.

waste oil refining equipmentAcid alkali washing type & solid catalytic waste oil refining equipment

Next, let's talk about the waste oil refining equipment which can make diesel from waste oil. There are two different types here. One is the use of acid and alkali washing technology, and the other is the use of solid catalytic technology. Both of them are mainly using the principle of high-temperature distillation to evaporate waste oil into oil gas, which is cooled into liquid oil through a condensation system. Customers can choose according to their own needs.

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