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How much is a set of waste oil distillation plant?

Are you looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution for recycling waste oil? Look no further! Our waste oil distillation plant is the perfect solution for converting waste oil into high-quality diesel fuel and asphalt. With advanced technology and top-notch quality, our waste oil distillation plant is designed to ensure maximum efficiency, profitability and environment friendliness.

But you might wonder, how much does a set of waste oil distillation plant cost? The cost can vary depending on various factors such as capacity, design, quality, and additional features. We offer a range of options to suit different needs and budgets.

waste oil distillation plant for sale

For small-scale operations, our compact waste oil distillation plants, with capacities ranging from 100KG to 500kg per batch, are priced between $30,000 and $100,000. These plants are ideal for businesses with lower waste oil volumes or those just starting in the recycling industry.

Starting with machines with small processing capacity, we have 100kg/day and 500kg/day. If you are currently in the initial stage of the waste oil distillation business and are unsure of the quality of the product and the applicable engines, we suggest purchasing a machine with any processing capacity of 100kg/day or 500kg/day. Choosing small equipment to test the operation process and product characteristics. After you are familiar with the equipment process and operation process, then choose a large processing capacity equipment for the project. The profit is very considerable. The price of 100kg/day-500kg/day small scale waste oil distillation plant starts from $15000, which is a great choice for initial entrepreneurs in the fuel industry.

small scale waste oil distillation plantSmall scale waste oil distillation plant for sale

Secondly, we also have medium-sized distillation machines with four different processing capacities, 1tpd, 3tpd, 5tpd, and 7tpd. These machines are very popular among dealers who specialize in collecting waste oil. On the one hand, they already have a fixed supplier of raw materials, and there is enough waste oil to be treated every day; On the other hand, they already have some experience in waste oil treatment and can quickly become familiar with and operate medium-sized waste oil distillation plants. So 5-7 ton distillation machines are often the preferred choice for these entrepreneurs. The price range of waste oil distillation plant is $35000-$55000.

Thirdly, our big scale processing capacity waste oil distillation plant is 10tpd-14tpd, and the entire equipment consists of two distillation reactors, two catalytic towers, condensation system, clay decolorization system, precision filter, and water film dust collector. And the price from standard configuration to high-end configuration ranges from $100,000 to $180,000.

And we have both liquid catalyst and solid catalyst type of waste oil distillation plants to choose from. The solid catalyst type adopts the new design, which has higher automation degree and higher efficiency, offering high convenience for customers who can't get liquid catalyst easily. But the price of solid catalyst type waste oil distillation plants is higher.

waste oil distillation plant designDifferent catalyst technology waste oil distillation plants

No matter which type and which capacity of waste oil distillation plants you want to choose, just please feel free to leave your enquiry. Our professional sales manager will reach you within 24 hours and customize you a cost-effective distillation solution for recycling waste oils or crude oil like used engine oil, waste motor oil, tire plastic pyrolysis oil, old lube oil, etc. into diesel.

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