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The comparison of new-tech distillation and old type one

Date:2015-09-05/ News/ Chat online Leave a message

Our new-tech oil distillation machine adopts indirect boiler heating system, there are spring-like conduction oil pipes inside the vertical distillation reactor(material -stainless steel), so that the crude oil inside can be fully distilled and has high oil yield of 85%. Meanwhile, indirect heating can greatly prolong the reactor life.  In the operation of new-tech distillation machine, distillation, de-color and de-odor are three separated process to ensure the quality of the final diesel.The raw material for new-tech distillation machine include tyre oil, plastic oil and waste engine oil.
The raw material for old type oil distillation machine is limited to tyre oil and plastic oil, and it adopts direct heating, not like the reactor of pyrolysis machine, the reactor of old type distillation is fixed and does not run during the heating, so the crude oil inside the reactor cannot be fully distilled, which will influence the oil yield. meanwhile , direct heating will also influence the reactor life. In the operation, the process of distillation, de-color and de-odor happens simultaneously,  relatively speaking, the final diesel is not as good as the diesel got from new-tech distillation machine.

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