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How to recycle plastic waste with pyrolysis machine?

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With the increasing of plastic products consumption, waste plastic is also growing. At present in the world, plastic waste are mainly as plastic film, plastic yarn and fabric, foam, plastic packaging and containers, daily plastic products, plastic bags, agricultural film, cars plastic and so on. Without proper processing, it will damage environment and harm to people’s health.

Waste plastic pyrolysis machine is an emerging technology. Plastic can be heated into oil gas under high temperatures, and then through circulating water cooling system, cooling down oil gas to oil.

Through plastic pyrolysis machine, we can not only process plastic waste, but also gain valuable oil resources. Some people may worry about the second time pollution. Do not worry, our machine is completely sealed, around the machine is tasteless. Machine will produce some exhaust gas, but waste gas will be recycled to heat the pyrolysis machine again. Our plastic pyrolysis machine adopts activated carbon technology to remove bad smell, at the same time, use the water film dust removal system to wash the smoke. Finally achieve no pollution.


flow chart of plastic recycling machine

Plastic waste pyrolysis machine can not only help you solve plastic waste pollution problem, but also can bring you considerable profit. Welcome to contact us and get more information.

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