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The Classification of the Scrap Copper Granulator Machine

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Although the different manufacturers of scarp copper granulator machine have their own structure and style. But overall scarp copper granulator machine can be divided into: 1.the dry-typescarp copper granulator machine 2. the wet-type copper-meter machine.
Dry-type scarp copper granulator machine
The so-called dry-type scarp copper granulator machine refers to the machine that  do not add water during the processing. This type scarp copper granulator machine mainly used airflow sorting machine, or air shaker or electrostatic separation and other more environmentally friendly sorting methods. The main process is: smash - airflow separation - (electrostatic separation) - dust. (Electrostatic separation rarely in today's copper-meter machine used.)

Wet-type scarp copper granulator machine
Wet type scarp copper granulator machine is a more traditional way to go. The main idea of this sorting method from beneficiation. Wet type scarp copper granulator machine mainly by gravity separation shaker. The main process is: crushing and (water) - Gravity shaker (add water), because in the production process to use water so overall environmental impact of this method a small amount of secondary pollution, but can be effectively Recycling miscellaneous line, plug wire and wool yarn, etc., use very wide.

Combined dry scarp copper granulator machine
Scope and function: copper wire after scarp copper granulator machine is specially used to process automotive cables, communication cables and other below Φ20mm stall cable and wire strippers which are not suitable for all kinds of miscellaneous wire cable processing, crushing processing, vibration sieve separation, vibration separation, separation with water. Copper and plastic can be completely separated, and achieve the purpose of utilization, with high economic efficiency. And no dust, no secondary pollution. In addition, this device is an integral modular structure, easy installation and commissioning, it is also easy to transport, power supply can be purchased after the customer production, stable performance.


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