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Steel wire pulling machine

Product introduction of steel wire pulling machine
For waste tire pyrolysis to oil process, mostly waste tires need to be cut or crushed or shredded at first. But if we directly use a tire cutter/shredder/crusher to break up tires, the blades of tire cutter/shredder/crusher will be easy to be damaged by the hard steel wire inside tires. So before we break up tires, it’s better to remove the steel wire from tires at first. The steel wire pulling machine is we developed for this use. This steel wire pulling machine is consist of motor, hydraulic system, wire retractor, pull mouth, main body.

Steel wire pulling machine
Steel wire pulling machine

Working process of steel wire pulling machine
The basic working principle is: motor drives hydraulic system and oil cylinder, and wire retractor is connected to the cylinder pull rod. The motion of oil pump and oil cylinder makes wire retractor do reciprocating movement. Put a tire in the pull mouth, wire retractor hooks the inner steel wire, then press start button. Due to the strong tension of oil cylinder, the whole steel wire would be pull out, and due to the function of pull mouth, the lateral side of the tyre would be tear up, thus separate the steel tire from the tire.
Item Content
Machine Type Automatically
Capacity 20 - 50 tires/hour
Power Type Hydraulic pressure
Pressure 5 - 13T
Power 11kw
Dimension(L*W*H) 3.6*0.78*1.02m
Weight 3.5 tons
Tire requirement Diameter ≤ 1200mm

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