waste oil to diesel

How to build a waste oil distillation plant factory?

  1. Prepare the raw material: Such as waste engine oil, waste plastic oil, and waste tyre oil, waste motor oil. Collect the raw material in a low price.
  2. The oil yield rate differs depends on different material:
Name Oil yield
Waste engine oil 85%-90%
Waste plastic oil 90%
Waste tire oil 85%-90%
  1. Ready to install the waste oil distillation plant, Firstly find the land according to the capacity of your plant.
  2. Install waste oil distillation plant on your land. During the process there will be engineer guiding install machine.
  3. Test the feasibility of the waste oil distillation plant, if the plant runs well, put the raw material into the reactor and we can begin generating the diesel oil.
Note: The heating method of waste oil distillation plant should be transfer oil heating system. There should be vacuum system.

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