waste oil to diesel

What can waste oil be used for?

Waste oil is famous for its huge annual output, so what can such a huge amount of waste oil be used for? In order to solve the problem of energy crisis and environmental pollution caused by waste oil, DOING company developed and manufactured waste oil distillation plant. Waste oil distillation plant can extract diesel oil from waste oil.

waste oil distillation plantWaste oil distillation plant can extract waste oil into diesel oil

The waste oil mentioned here is mainly waste engine oil. The engine oil is replaced because it becomes waste oil due to a large amount of gum and oxides produced by external pollution during use. But because the economic value of waste oil is so low, people treat it as waste.

What can waste oil be used for?

1. Discarded

Small amounts of wasted oil are ignored and often dumped into waterways, open Spaces or rubbish bins. Such an approach would cause great pollution to the environment and waste resources.

2. Heating fuel

Waste oil is often used as fuel to burn with construction waste, but it is also more harmful to the environment.

3. Dustproof

The waste oil is sprayed on the road which is easy to be dusted. But when it rains, the waste oil that is sprayed on roads can also be washed away by rain into drains and eventually into rivers or the soil, causing varying levels of pollution.

oil distillationplantSmall amounts of wasted oil

All the above actions will cause pollution to the environment. Now the most ideal use of waste oil is to extract diesel oil from it by waste oil distillation plant.

The recovery and reuse of waste oil by waste oil distillation plant can not only alleviate the energy crisis, but also avoid the pollution to the environment.

waste oil into diesel oilWaste oil distillation plant installed

Waste oil distillation plant is mainly designed and manufactured according to the principle of distillation technology and combined with the physical characteristics of waste oil. At present, waste oil distillation plant has been favored by many customers.


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